If you own a swimming pool in Port St. Lucie, you know how important it is to keep the water clean and clear of any debris that might cause safety issues. One way to do this is by having your pool inspected regularly by pool experts like Pool Service Port St. Lucie who have experience in keeping pools safe for swimmers.

We offer free professional inspection of all new pools in the area. Our expert pool inspectors will come by your house or place of business to check out what needs attention, provide solutions if needed, and leave you with a home inspection report that is good for up to two years after the service. Furthermore, our prices are affordable so anyone can afford them. So, if you are looking for pool inspections in the Port St. Lucie area, contact us today!

What Is A Pool Inspection?

An inspection is a visual examination of your pool. During an pool inspection, the inspector will look for problems that could cause injuries or endanger the life and health of others using the swimming pool. Your pool inspector should be able to identify potential dangers based on his/her experience as well as knowledge about state laws regarding local regulations, safety features and requirements in public pools. A good pool inspector will not only check the physical conditions of your pool, but also review a variety of safety pool equipment that is required for public pools.

How To Prepare For Your Swimming Pool Inspection

Swimming pool inspections are an important part of keeping your pool open. To help you prepare for the pool and spa inspections, consider doing these things before it happens:

  • Make sure that all safety equipment is functioning properly and has been tested recently
  • Check cords to make sure they aren’t frayed or broken
  • Make sure hydraulic system hoses have been replaced recently
  • Check that all ladders and gates work properly, are stable, and open easily
  • Make sure the pool cover is working properly. Test it to see if it’s waterproof by putting a hose in the opening, turning on the pump for an hour, then taking out the hose to check for leaks. If you’re planning to install a new cover, make it one that’s been approved by the Swimming Pool and Spa Safety.

What Are The Pool Equipment And Systems That Need To Be Inspected?

The pool inspector will inspect each of the components that make up your pool system, including:

Electrical system

This includes all electrical equipment and plumbing lines around and inside your pool. The home inspector checks for thermal efficiency rating, faulty wiring or connections as well as damaged insulation which could expose wires to water causing a shock hazard. Electrical panels should be checked, and all circuits should have GFCI protection.

Chemical feeders

These are pumps that add chemicals to the pool water automatically according to a programmed schedule or in response to changes in pool chemistry levels. If you’re not using one of these systems already for chemical pool maintenance, install an appropriate system before having your pool inspected so that it can be tested.

Water testing

Home inspectors will check for broken or cracked parts, leaks, and other problems that may affect the quality of your pool water. They’ll also use a special light to look at all areas of the pool to make sure there are no cracks in the lining which could cause further issues down the road if not repaired.

Inspection report

The inspector will note any problems they find during their home inspection and provide a copy of the results to you. If there are items that need to be fixed, make sure these issues get resolved before having your pool inspected again or it could cause an interruption in service. 

What Are The Steps To Maintaining A Swimming Pool?

Maintaining a pool is also important if you want to keep it safe for everyone. If you notice any problems with your diving board equipment or think something may be wrong, call Pool Service Port St. Lucie. Even the smallest problem could grow into a larger issue if left unchecked, so don’t put off repairs or other work.

  • Don’t let the pool water get cloudy. After swimming, clean off excess dirt or debris from your body before getting in the pool to help keep it cleaner longer.
  • Brush pool deck stains away immediately using a chlorine tablet and brush if necessary. Also vacuum as often as you need to remove all of the leaves, bugs and other debris from the bottom and sides of your pool.
  • Keep a regular schedule for chemical maintenance to ensure that all chemicals are at safe levels and prevent any problems with algae or bacteria growth. Make sure you check these regularly if you’re not using a pool inspection service to handle this work as well since it can be easy to forget about them for weeks at a time.
  • Shock the pool as often as needed to keep it clean and clear, especially after rainstorms or heavy use. If you have a saltwater pools system installed, make sure this is done regularly as well. Depending on how much your family uses the pool, you may need to shock more frequently during periods of higher activity or less often when it’s not in use.
  • Check and adjust the pH balance on a regular basis, especially if you see your pool water changing colors or becoming cloudy. If this isn’t maintained properly, it can lead to algae growth which is dangerous for swimmers.

If there are any problems with the equipment such as pumps, filters or heaters, call us immediately.

Why Choose Pool Service Port St. Lucie as your Trusted Pool Inspector?

Pool Service Port St. Lucie has the experience and knowledge to inspect your pool for safety issues, provide you with an accurate report of our findings, and make sure that any necessary repairs are made before having another further inspection done. We’ll also give you advice on how best to maintain your pool area so it stays safe all year long.

You can count on us to provide the high-quality service you deserve when it comes to your pool visual inspection. Our goal is to make sure you feel confident about your pool safety and our reputation in the community reflects this priority. We appreciate the opportunity to offer service throughout Port St Lucie, FL including its surrounding areas!